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Lair Review for Blitzstrike #39763



Eris - First up we have the goddess of chaos and discord, looking stunning in her dragon form. She’s in possession of a Lightburst Flora accent and she’s making other dragons look bad with how fresh it looks on her. I see she also has a perfectly matching familiar, A+. On their own w/o the accent she still has absolutely lovely colors in bloody irishim.

Suggestions: Gold bracelets, both matching her accent and looking good in general. An ornate gold necklace would be good. She could sport some nice red bows too, and golden or crimson silks.

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My beautiful babies<3


I felt like lair clean out and all these dragons are blue… Any of my friends interested in any of these? All xyy, almost all Underbelly, totally dragons that are my thing. 

Anyhow, tell me if you’re interested in any of them. May come with apparel if you say ‘pretty please’, except for the Wooly Coat probably, I’m not ready to part with that one yet.

EDIT: Added two not blue dragons.

I’m totally interested in the Skydancer at top left. My user is Blitzstrike ^^ 

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